No-Tuna Salad/No-Tunsalat

No-Tuna Salad is something I haven’t made for along while. Now I had some leftover Chickpeas, that were perfect for the purposte. I used to make someone elses recipe, but this time I made my own as I have a habit of doing when I figure things out. As few ingrediences as possible and as much flavor as possible. This No-Tuna Salad is so good and actually better then “the real deal” and on top with a totally clear concience. I love it. I didn’t make a full portion this time, but you can easialy adjust the recipe for some leftovers. And if you want to make a whole can or more that’s easily done too. Here it is served on Danish Rye bread, but it’ll be fantastic in a sandwich or on a baquette too.

Vegansk No-tuna Salad

240 g chickpeas, soaked and boiled or one can
50 g red onion (one small onion)
App. 2-3 Tbsp. Luna’s vegan Mayo, As much as you find appropriate
1-2 Tbsp. lemon juice citronsaft (optional)
1-2 tsp sea salt (hold the salt til later)
Freshly groud pepper
2-3 tsp. capers from a glass – and extra as garnish
1-2 tsp kelp powder (optional)
A bit of cress or parsley as garnish karse

Mash the chickpeas with a fork. If you have a food processor then use the “pulse” function (5-8 times), so the get a flaky structure. You want them chopped up without turning into mush. and it’s alright with some half chickpeas in between. Put all into a bowl.

Chop the onion finly and add it to all the other ingrediences and put in with the chickpleas and mix well and taste to adjust seasoning/lemon juice etc. It’s fine to let the salad rest for a bit in the fridge before serving.

When the (if) the salad has been in the friedge overnight it can be a good idea to make another tasting/adjusting.

Serve on corarse rye bread, in a sandwich or on a baquette – give it a try the possibilities are endless and delicioous.

*TIP* If you like your salad to have the “fishy” taste of tuna salad, you can use ½-1 tps kelp powder, which is an algee product to be bought in your health shop.

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Vegan Croque-Monsieur/Vegansk Parisertoast

Have you tried that you have an idea about, how something is and then it’s all wrong. I have always believed that a Croque-Monsieur in the Danish interpretation – Paris Toast – was a clever invention, which it is in a way, but not the way that I thought. In my head it was properly somethhing having nothing to do with Paris wrong!

Actually a Croque-Monsieur is a totally French thing, called a Croque-Monsieur, and is the Paris Toast (in Denmark) as we know it, just with cheese on top too. That should really be Emmentaler cheese, but since this is a vegan version you use your favorite shreeded pick. Her it is Follow Your Heart Mozarella Shreds

Inside it is Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda and Torfuky Hickory Smoked Deli Slices all bought at Greenos Veganske Online Supermarked The “butter” on the bread is FRI from Coop which I like much better than the highly publiced Naturli Smørbar. Fri from Coop has a better color, texture and flavor too in my oppionion.

I love that I have the oppertunity. The products are fantastic from both Tofurky and Follow Your Heart. But it get’s really expensive, when you HAVE to buy for at least 200 kr. in the cooling section and on top you have the delivery on top too. It would be nice, if we get to a point, where you could buy these products in the local supermarket. And not neccesarily the ones from Naturli. The Danish deli slices, I’ve tried have been horrible. The stuff from Tofurky could pass as the real deal, but is just better, because it is not and also tasting even better. We have come a long way, and the Danish companies are trying but they’re are decades behind a company as Tofurky i.e. and you can taste that.

I most certainly need to eat more “clean” foods, but sometimes it is nice be able to satisfy that craving and this Croque-Monsieur most certainly delivered satisfaction.

(1 person)

2 slices of sandwich/toast bread’
1 slice of Tofurky deli slices (use the one you prefer)*
1 slice of Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda*
App. 2 Tbsp. Follow Your Heart Gourmet Shreds, Mozarella Style

“Butter your bread and but the deli slices and the cheese between the bread (the “buttered side outwards). Then you either start up your Toast-maker until it is ready, and put the Sandwich in there until the cheese has melted – cut in two on the angle and eat (watch you don’t burn yourself on the cheese). If you don’t have a toaster, just head up a pan to very warm and put the toast on there and roast until brown on one side and flip over and roast until cheese is melted. Good as breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner. Can be eaten with steamed veggies or a salad if you want to make it a more substantial dinner or lunch. Enjoy.

*Feel free to use more slices both of the Tofurky and cheese if you want, but that will of course make for more frying time.

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